Welcome to my page, I’m happy to meet you. Here you will find some informations about me and some samples of my works.

NEWS: My piece The night was Wide was awarded with the 2nd prize at the International Choral Composition Competition of Japan 2023. The score is available here.

NEWS: My oratorio Il Cantico dei Cantici for soli, choir and chamber orchestra will be premiered in Parma (29/9/22), Bologna (30/9/22) and Brescia (1/10/22)

NEWS: Maria mater gratiae, written for Libercantus Ensemble, will be premiered at the Sagra Musicale Umbra (5/9/22).

NEWS: Winning piece of the 2nd Concurso Internacional de Composición Coral “Cármina Nova” performed in Malaga (2/7/22) and published by CM-Ediciones Musicales.

You can find my works from PanaMusica or ICOT publishers, or write me!


Born in Parma, Italy in 1977, my career has been characterized by an eclectic involvement in music performance, music composition, and engineering – all at the professional level. Each discipline has made a strong impact on the other, and created a unique perspective on science and artistry

I studied organ and organ composition with F. Tasini, and later with S. Innocenti at the Conservatory of Music “A. Boito” in Parma. In 1999, I won the third prize of the “G. Giarda” organ contest in Rome, reserved only for the most outstanding graduates the previous year. Then in 2001, I attended a perfectionment course about Bach’s organ music with K. Schnorr in Münich, Germany. And for the last 23 years, I have held the position of principal organist of Parma Cathedral.

As a conductor, I have conducted the mixed choir of Corale “Città di Parma” since 2004, a group that won many prizes, including important international choral competitions in Arezzo, Gorizia, and other cities. In 2007 I participated, as choral conductor and organ soloist in the realization of a Baroque-Renaissance Music Encyclopedia for the Japanese editor ICM.

As composer, I have been the recipient of many awards in Italian national composition competitions. Most recently, I won 2nd prize at the International Choral Composition Competition of Japan 2023, the prize the  2nd Concurso Internacional de Composición Coral “Cármina Nova”, the 1st prize at the IFCM Composition Competition 2019, the 1st prize at the 5th International Harpsichord Composition Competition “W.Landowska” in Ruvo di Puglia with a work for oboe and harpsichord that was premiered by Giovanna Fornari and Christoph Hartmann, oboist of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. I was honored as one of the top three composers at the 2018 International Choral Composition Competition of Japan, and (top three winners) at the 43th International Choral Composition Competition “Guido d’Arezzo” (Arezzo, Italy).

Another great passion of mine is engineering. In 2007, I graduated cum laude in Electronic Engineering at the University of Parma and, in 2015, a PhD in Industrial Engineering. My graduate thesis involves writing software for the generation of virtual microphones from real microphone arrays. From 2008 to 2021, I have been a research collaborator of the acoustic group of the Industrial Engineering Department of the University of Parma. Actually I work as freelance programmer/engineer mainly in the acoustic field.



A suite of five movements for wind instrument and piano (but at the very beginning I had in mind the harpsichord…): my second, attempt in the chamber music world, mixing ancient and less ancient dances after a short prelude. Thank you very much to Silvia Puggioni and Claudio Sanna. Please write me for the score.

Jubilate Deo

This is the winning piece of the 2019 IFCM Composition Competition. The words come from Psalm 99, arranged as an endless, dancing praise to God. Many, many thanks to the Metropolitan Chorus of Tokyo and to Ko Matsushita for this stunning performance! The score is available here.

Acoustical Engineering

I’m also a software developer, mainly working in the team of prof.Angelo Farina at the University of Parma (http://www.angelofarina.it).

I taught in many acoustic related courses with lessons about acoustic physics, musical and architectural acoustic, electroacoustic, advanced surround systems (Ambisonics, Wawe Field Synthesis) and history of the reproduced sound.

I was the tutor of the first level Master in Sound Technology and Musical Composition (http://www.master-stmc.it/) held together by the Conservatorio of Parma and the University of Parma and directed by prof. Javier Torres Maldonado.